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This calendar celebrated strong, athletic women,” said Sara Renner, who will compete in her fourth and final Olympic Winter Games in 2010. “As the mother of a daughter, I would be proud to see pictures of these role models on my child’s . Bold Beautiful Biathlon Calendar Five of Canada’s female biathletes had found a photographer and a printer who donated their services to help them create a tasteful nude calendar that depicted their athleticism and presented a new, positive body image for young women. The goal was to sell the calendars to raise funds for their upcoming.

Bold, Beautiful Biathlon Skier Retires. four of her World Cup teammates turned heads in 2009 by peeling off their clothes to create the hugely successful “Bold, Beautiful, Biathlon” nude calendar. Significantly underfunded compared to their international competitors, Canada’s top women biathletes developed the plan to aggressively. Oct 22, 2008 · Members of the Canadian women's biathlon team took off their clothes to raise money for training and competition heading into the 2010 Olympic Games. They launched a .

Oct 24, 2008 · To purchase a Bold Beautiful Biathlon calendar, or for more information on the project, please visit on the Internet. Editor's Note: The bulk of this article was drawn from a press release announcing the event. The section on the recent history of nude athletic calendars was contributed by FasterSkier staff. albuterol. Oct 22, 2008 · Biathlon team poses nude. which is themed "Bold Beautiful Biathlon." The Canadian women's rugby team has produced a 24-month calendar of Author: Donna Spencer.