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Jan 29, 2015 · 6 Reasons Why Guys Can't Finish In Bed Sometimes, Because It's Really Not Your Fault. By Gabrielle Moss. Jan 29 2015.Author: Gabrielle Moss. Jun 20, 2018 · The Men Who Can’t Cum The reasons why are far more complicated than ‘death grip’ The trope of the man who shoots his shot then rolls over to sleep is so ingrained in our collective psyche that it may be hard to imagine that there are guys for whom having an orgasm with a partner is difficult — or even impossible.

Jun 23, 2005 · Why do men sometimes have trouble achieving orgasm? Is the problem physical or emotional? Sexploration answers your queries. Have an intimate question? E Author: Brian Alexander. Can’t Orgasm? Here’s Help for Women. WebMD's sexpert Louanne Cole Weston, PhD, reveals the two-part trick to having an orgasm.Author: Louanne Cole Weston, Phd.

im 16 years old and i tried everything to cum but it don't seem to work and i hate having sex with my bf because i don't feel exactly normal. i hate having this problem, when i told my boyfriend this he just look at me and said he didnt care but come on every guy wants a girl to cum. Oct 20, 2011 · I enjoy sex with my girlfriend but can't ejaculate during sex. We have had sex six times and no matter how much I try I still can't. Does my masturbation habit cause this? There are a number of Author: Pamela Stephenson Connolly.