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Jun 28, 2013 · The White Stripes. Profile: Alternative Rock (Modern Rock) band from Detroit, Michigan (USA). The band comprising the bass-free duo of Jack White (2) [gtr., keyboards, vocals] and Meg White [drums, percussion]. The Whites, once married and divorced in March 2000, formed their lo-fi garage band in 1997. They officially ceased to perform in Feb 2011. ALBUM COVER - Sets up a definite theme and style to the aesthetic side of the White Stripes. Red and white. And the film strip makes it look different, but that same kind of different that B-movies would have had at the time. It stands out, it definitely does, although it's not the best cover the White Stripes 3.5/5(106).

High Quality Album Artwork / CD Artwork - Black Orchid (Single) by The White Stripes - Album Cover Art.