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Impact Behavioral Health Partner's goal is to provide a network of support services so that each person can live as independently as possible and advance understanding of mental illnesses and the need for supportive housing. The City of Evanston is committed to the principle that persons with disabilities enjoy full access to all public meetings, City buildings, programs and services the City of Evanston offers. No one can be denied access to a City activity based on their disability.

Information for Adults. Information for New Yorkers Using or Considering Mental Health Services. Mental health services are available to help individuals recover from the disabling symptoms of a psychiatric illness, and live full and satisfying lives in their communities. What is DMH's Housing Policy? The Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health is committed to, as a priority toward systems rebalancing, the development and expansion of Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) for individuals who meet defined criteria of eligibility and who are diagnosed with a serious mental illness.

In the summer of 2002, the Evanston City Council adopted a recommendation from the Human Services Committee and the Evanston Mental Health Board to consolidate the City of Evanston’s Community Purchased Service budget and the MHB’s Purchased Service Allocations. This MHB manages this consolidated funding process.