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HLAA Convention: Come meet other young adults with hearing loss at the annual HLAA Convention.There are also scholarships for young adults to attend an HLAA Convention. HLAA Chapters: Some HLAA Chapters are focused on young adults or have sub-groups of young adults that meet within the chapter. When inquiring about a chapter, ask if young adults participate. Hearing loss is a disorder when your ability to hear is reduced. It is in one or both ears and effects the ability to speak learn and work. According to WHO 1.1 billion young people, age between 12 to 35 have a risk of hearing loss due to their lifestyle listening music at full volume, loud noise games, concerts, movie theaters etc. You can purchase the latest hearing aids at a fair price.

Aug 10, 2015 · Hearing loss due to illnesses, genetics, medications or injury crosses generational lines and can affect everyone from the very young to the very old. But when it comes to hearing loss, children and teenagers face particular challenges that are unique to them. Hearing loss has a tendency to paint life with a broad brush, no matter what age you are.Author: Lisa Packer. The CHHA YAN is a non-profit network of young adults aged 18-35 with varying degrees of hearing loss that strives to educate communities about hearing loss, to provide resources and support to young adults with hearing loss so they can become productive members of society, and to foster connections and active leadership amongst our membership.

About 40% of young adults with hearing loss identified during childhood reported experiencing at least one limitation in daily functioning. [Read summary external icon] About 71% of young adults with hearing loss without other related conditions (such as intellectual disability, cerebral . Hearing loss can be mild, or more severe, and may interfere with daily life. Causes of Hearing Loss. While hearing loss in teens and young adults can be from the same causes as hearing impairment in older adults, there are certain causes that are much more common. Some of these include: Otitis Media.