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Understanding Adult Psychopharmacology Understanding Adult A 6-Hour Program for Health Professionals Psychopharmacology Page 1 of 2 Name (please print) person. Members of a group can watch interactive or on-demand webcast. Adult Psychopharmacology Intervention Program Overview Areas of program responsibility include research involving psychotropic medications (singly or in combination) of demonstrated efficacy.

Adult Psychopharmacology Sometimes adults experience depression, anxiety, OCD, or mood problems which don’t seem to respond to standard treatments. When this occurs, patients don’t need more guess work. They need someone who can bring together knowledge of . Psychotherapies applied in adults and those in children and adolescents are disparate owing to cognitive, social, emotional, and physical immaturation in children and adolescents.

Adult Psychopharmacology Clinic Psychopharmacology provides expert guidance in diagnosing and managing a variety of mental health conditions. Your primary care physician or another doctor may refer you to our Adult Psychopharmacology Clinic.