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DHS Licensing Information Lookup Instructions: Enter information in one or more fields below to find licensed providers. To provide foster care, individuals must have a license from the Department of Human Services. Many aspects of adult foster care, child foster care and adoption are administered locally, at the county level. For further information about becoming an adult foster care provider, please contact your county or tribal agency DHS-0005 (PDF).

Foster care for adults. Adult foster care provides residential care for people age 18 and over who need supportive housing and services due to physical, emotional, developmental or mental health reasons. Providers of adult foster care are responsible for residents' food, lodging, protection, supervision and household services. Licensed programs and services. Important Notice About Other Licensing Requirements. The Department of Human Services licenses and regulates the program services set forth below The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) licenses and regulates certain facilities as it relates to sanitation and safety of the buildings and to the health, treatment, comfort, safety, and well-being of the persons.

Services requiring HCBS license for foster care If a family or corporate child or adult foster care license holder is the provider of any of the following services to residents in the foster care home, the foster care license holder is required to hold a 245D-HCBS program license. Adult Foster Care (AFC) is a type of housing for people with disabilities and seniors who need some daily care, but do not need skilled nursing care. Adult Foster Care is sometimes called Community Residential Settings (CRS). Note: Adult Foster Care is different than children living in foster care. It is housing for adults with disabilities and.