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ADULT BASKETBALL LEAGUE RULES TEAM ROSTERS A. Player release forms (rosters) and a signed copy of the league rules are due in the Parks & Rec. Administrative Office on or before November 1st. Each roster will be permitted twelve (12) players in the men’s leagues, and fifteen (15) in the women’s leagues. New players may be. Adult Men’s Basketball League Format and Rules ROSEVILLE PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT 2660 Civic Center Drive Roseville, MN 55113 (PH) 651-792-7006 Fax 651-792-7100 League Director: Matthew Johnson (651)792-7105, [email protected] I. Facilities and Locations a. Central Park School Gym: 535 West County Road B2.

Parks & Community Services offers adult basketball, women’s basketball, volleyball and women's volleyball leagues three times a year – for winter, spring and fall seasons. To provide something for everyone, the city offers several levels of play, ranging from recreational to highly competitive. The women’s basketball league is part of the Eastside Women’s Basketball League operated in. ADULT BASKETBALL LEAGUE RULES A. ELIGIBILITY 1. All players must be 18 and out of high school. 2. No player is allowed to play on more than one team within the same league in West Des Moines during the same season. Violation will result in individual suspension and/or game or match 3. To be eligible to play in any game a player's naforfeiture.

M:\PK\Data\Staff\Love\Word\Adult Basketball League Rules.doc 11. BONUS: The bonus rule (1 and 1 free throws) will be in effect on the 7 th team foul committed in each half. Double Bonus (2 shots) is in effect on the 10 th team foul of each half. Offensive fouls count as team fouls. 12. Rules of the Game. At the most basic level, the rules of basketball make it an easy game to learn and a simple game to play. However, like any sport, once played at an elite level, many additional rules intervene in order to address the many situations that may arise during a competitive game.Mail: [email protected]